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KÜTAHYA CINI CONSTRUCTION DESIGN LTD. STI. Our company, which operates in the field of mosque architecture, primarily works in the field of mihrab,
mimber, lectern, muezzin, column and wall tile decorations. TILE WORKING AND THE ART OF TILE;
The art of tiles, which is one of the most special and precious legacies remaining from the Ottoman history, still maintains its agenda. This branch of art, which we encounter on the walls of mosques and tombs, also adorns the exterior and interior facades of mansions and palaces. The most popular art branch of Ottoman history, which gives beauty to the products that are processed and processed with fine details, continues without losing anything of its value until today. Heirloom tile art had its heyday in the foundation of the Ottoman state. The art of tiles, which developed and renewed over time, started to gain more importance with MIMAR SINAN. He has created places of interest even now, by using works from this branch of art in each of his works. We think that every work we have done is a value that reflects and expresses ourselves, and we are happy to present and explain in every medium we perform in this sector for more than 25 years. We hope to put our signature on many more works with new friends, new works and new designs to our reference of 5000+ Mosques.




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The Art of Soil, Paint, Glaze and Labor Made by Fire; Kütahya Çini Yapı Tasarım